Panacur 25 1000ml


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Refrigerated ProductNo
IndicationSheep, goats. Control of mature and immature stages of the following benzimidazole susceptible worms (including those resistant to levamisole). Haemonchus contortus (barber's pole worm), Trichostrongylus sp. (including T. colubriformis, T. vitrinus, T. rugatus, T. axei) (black scour worm), Teladorsagia sp. (small brown stomach worm), Nematodirus sp. (N. spathiger, N. filicollis) (thin necked intestinal worm), Cooperia sp. (C. curticei) (small intestinal worm), Oesophagostomum sp. (Oe. columbianum, Oe. venulosum) (nodule worm), Chabertia ovina (large mouthed bowel worm), Dictyocaulus filaria (lungworm). Aids in the control of Moniezia expansa (tapeworm) and Trichuris ovis (whipworm).Cattle. Active against mature and immature Haemonchus sp. (H. placei, H. contortus) (barber's pole worm), Ostertagia ostertagi including hypobiotic larvae (small brown stomach worm), Trichostrongylus sp. (small hair worm or hair worm), Cooperia sp. (C. pectinata, C. punctata, C. oncophora) (small intestinal worm), Trichuris sp. (whipworm), Capillaria sp., Dictyocaulus viviparus (lungworm), Bunostomum phlebotomum (hookworm); aids in control of Moniezia sp. (tapeworm).
ActionsBroad spectrum oral anthelmintic for control of mature and immature roundworm, lungworm and tapeworm in sheep, cattle and goats. It has a high safety margin, is ovicidal and is safe for pregnant sheep and goats. It is palatable, nontoxic, does not stain wool and can be administered concurrently with vaccines, lice and dipping treatments.
PrecautionsTake care when handling pregnant or weak animals.Panacur has ovicidal activity. To obtain the full benefits of this, sheep and goats should not be placed on clean pasture until 12 hours after drenching.
Dosage and AdministrationSheep. Fenbendazole 5 mg/kg bodyweight orally. 10 kg liveweight: 2 mL. 20 kg: 4 mL. 30 kg: 6 mL. 40 kg: 8 mL. 50 kg: 10 mL. 60 kg: 12 mL. 70 kg: 14 mL. 75 kg: 15 mL. > 75 kg: 1 mL/5 kg.Cattle. 15 mL/50 kg bodyweight.Can be administered concurrently with many vaccines, fluke treatments and dips (see literature).
StorageStore below 30°C (room temperature). Do not freeze. Protect from light. Store in original container. Reseal after use.
ManufacturerCoopers Animal Health
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