Pre-Ferrin Injection 50ml

Pre-Ferrin Injection 50ml

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PRE-FERRIN is a premium, fast acting, iron injection in a water base providing a highly bioavailable source of Iron. COMPOSITION Iron 22 mg/mL as Ammonium Iron (111) Citrate
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Indication Pregnancy, lactation, recovery from parasitism or haemorrhage in horses when the demand for replacement iron may not be met by dietary sources.Iron deficiency from these causes is primarily recognised by microcytic, hypochromic anaemia and is associated with fatigue, poor endurance, pale mucous membranes and depressed growth.
Actions Iron is essential for correct nutrition in all animals as it is involved in many body processes, particularly cellular respiration and oxygen transport (as haem).
Warnings In extremely rare instances anaphylactic reaction may occur. In such cases institute treatment for anaphylactic shock.
Dosage and Administration Give by slow intravenous injection.1 mL/45 kg bodyweight (10 mL/450 kg) twice weekly.To be used by, or under the supervison of a registered veterinary surgeon.
Storage Store below 25°C (air conditioning). Protect from light.
Manufacturer Ceva Animal Health Pty Limited
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