Electronic Veterinary Prescriptions

We understand that the process of mailing a physical prescription detracts from the otherwise straightforward process of ordering your pets medication online. For this reason we are partering with VetRx to make it easier to order prescription veterinary medicines online. VetRx are pioneering electronic veterinary prescribing for the Australian animal health industry. Their system will enable immediate prescription exchange between the veterinarian, customer, and pharmacist, leading to increased safety and efficiency in the veterinary pharmaceutical supply chain.

We would appreciate if you could take the time to complete the VetRx Survey so that VetRx can implement the features that you want to see in a prescription management system for your animals.

If you are passionate about seeing electronic veterinary prescribing permitted in Australia, feel free to contact VetRx through their website and let them know why the current system is not working. Customer stories like this will help to accelerate change.