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Maropitant citrate 60mg

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Drug Name and Strength Maropitant citrate 60mg
Quantity 4 Tablets
Indication Aid in the prevention of nausea and acute vomiting in dogs and puppies 8 weeks of age or older, and prevention of vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs 16 weeks of age or older.
Contraindications The safety of Cerenia has not been established during pregnancy and lactation, and in puppies less than 8 weeks of age and thus Cerenia is not recommended for these classes of dog. It is recommended that a benefit/risk assessment be carried out and discussed with the owner. Not to be used in food producing species of animals.
Actions Antiemetic. Maropitant is a neurokinin (NK1) receptor antagonist that blocks the pharmacological action of substance P in the CNS.
Precautions Emesis can be associated with serious, severely debilitating conditions such as gastrointestinal obstruction, and the cause should be investigated. Products such as Cerenia should be used in conjunction with other supportive measures such as fasting, dietary control and fluid therapy while the aetiology is being determined. Cerenia should not be used concomitantly with calcium channel antagonists as maropitant has affinity for calcium channels.Maropitant is metabolised in the liver and therefore should be used with caution in dogs with liver disease. Maropitant is highly bound to plasma proteins and may compete with other highly bound drugs. The risk of adverse events should be considered in cases of hypoproteinaemia, reduced protein binding ability (e.g. in aged dogs) or when other highly bound drugs are being used.Cerenia should be used with caution in animals suffering from or with a predisposition to heart diseases.Studies on the margin of safety indicate that use of Cerenia at above label dose rates in puppies 8 to 16 weeks old may be associated with loss of bodyweight and bone marrow hypocellularity. In use shelf life. Half tablets should be stored for a maximum of two days after removal from the blister. Half tablets should be returned to the opened blister and kept within the cardboard outer.
Dosage and Administration Aid in the prevention of nausea and acute vomiting. Administer Cerenia Tablets orally at a minimum dose of 2 mg/kg bodyweight once daily for up to five consecutive days. To aid in the prevention of nausea and acute vomiting, Cerenia Tablets should be administered more than one hour in advance. The duration of effect is approximately 24 hours and therefore treatment can be given the night before administration of an agent that may cause nausea or emesis, e.g. chemotherapeutic agents. Cerenia Tablets may be used interchangeably with Cerenia Injectable Solution for once daily dosing to aid in the prevention of nausea and acute vomiting. Prevention of vomiting due to motion sickness. Administer Cerenia Tablets orally at a dose of 8 mg/kg bodyweight once daily for up to two consecutive days. Administer Cerenia Tablets at least one hour prior to travel. Do not redose if vomiting is observed. The duration of effect is at least 12 hours, which may allow administration the night before early morning travel. General instructions. Vomiting can be a side effect of Cerenia treatment, and a light meal or snack approximately one hour before dosing will reduce the incidence. A higher incidence of vomiting is noted from dosing on an empty stomach, and thus prolonged fasting before administration should be avoided. If vomiting does occur prior to travel, repeat dosing should be withheld.
Storage Store below 30°C (room temperature).
MSDS (external link) Cerenia Tablets 60mg MSDS
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Manufacturer Zoetis Australia Pty Ltd
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