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Optimmune is an immune modulating, anti-inflammatory and ocular lubricant that treats dry eyes and protect the eye surfaces in dogs. Optimmune is the treatment of choice for dry eye with extremely high rate of success. The triple action works better than standard eye drops or gels in improving symptoms and maintaining a stable condition.

Optimmune is:

  1. SAFER
  2. Optimmune has been proven to effectively treat the symptoms of dry eye. It reduces pain and irritation and visual changes that has been associated with chronic untreated dry eyes.

  4. The ointment base provide almost immediate relieve by reducing corneal exposure to irritants. Regular use of optimmune will keep their eyes healthy.

  6. Optimmune comes in a tube that allows easy application by simply squeezing the tube gently to release a very small amount of ointment into the affected eye.

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  1. Optimmune 3.5g
    98% of 100
    Cyclosporin 2 mg/g Learn More
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