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Pexion is an antiepileptic medication for dogs. Pexion is effective against different types of seizures, but also for anxiety and stress-related agitation. Pexion was also shown to exert neuroprotective benefits for dogs that may have nerve degeneration due to lack of blood to the brain following seizures. Pexion can also be use with other anti-epileptic medicines if necessary.

Pexion is:

  1. SAFER
  2. Long term use of Pexion does not cause tolerance and it does not cause a withdrawal effect when stopping the medication. Pexion has low interaction potential with other medication and does not make your dog sleepy.

  4. Pexion is well absorbed after oral administration (greater than 92%) and peak blood concentration is attained within 2 hours. Pexion can be given with or without food.

  6. Pexion is available in tablets that can be given whole or halved according to the required dosage.

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