Onsior Tablets Cat 6mg Pink (30)

Robenacoxib 6mg

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More Information
Drug Name and StrengthRobenacoxib 6mg
Quantity30 Tablets
IndicationControl of acute pain and inflammation associated with musculoskeletal disorders and soft tissue surgery in cats.
ContraindicationsDo not administer to animals with gastrointestinal ulceration or to cats with known hypersensitivity to robenacoxib. Do not administer concomitantly with corticosteroids or other NSAIDs.
ActionsRobenacoxib is a cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) selective, tissue selective, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) of the coxib class.
PrecautionsThe safety of Onsior Tablets in cats weighing less than 2.5 kg, cats younger than 4 months of age, or in breeding, pregnant or lactating cats has not been established. Caution should be exercised with the use of Onsior in cats with impaired function of the heart, kidney or liver, or that are dehydrated, have low circulating blood volume or low blood pressure. If use cannot be avoided, these cats require careful monitoring.Use Onsior under strict veterinary monitoring in cats at risk of gastrointestinal ulceration or if the cat has previously displayed intolerance to other NSAIDs. Onsior should not be given to animals where blood loss or decrease in blood pressure during surgery may decrease renal or gastrointestinal perfusion. Supportive fluid therapy is therefore recommended during surgery.
Dosage and AdministrationOnsior Tablets should be given on an empty stomach or with only a small amount of food. Onsior Tablets are flavoured, are well accepted by most cats and many will take them voluntarily. If a dose is missed, it should be administered as soon as remembered, and the following dose given the next day at the usual dosing time. The recommended dose rate and regimen should not be exceeded. Tablets should not be divided or broken. Acute musculoskeletal disorders. Administer orally once daily at a dosage of 1 mg/kg bodyweight, with a range of 1 to 2.4 mg/kg. After surgery. Initiate treatment with a single dose of Onsior Injection, administered subcutaneously before commencement of surgery, e.g. around the time of induction of general anaesthesia or initiation of supportive fluid therapy, at a dose of 2 mg/kg (1 mL/10 kg bodyweight). If treatment is to be continued, Onsior Tablets for Cats may be administered orally at 1 mg/kg bodyweight, dose range 1 to 2.4 mg/kg bodyweight, once daily for up to six days.
StorageStore below 25°C (air conditioning).
MSDS (external link)Onsior Tablets Cat 6mg Pink (30) MSDS
Label (external link)Onsior Tablets Cat 6mg Pink (30) Label
ManufacturerElanco Animal Health
Refrigerated ProductNo
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