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Prednisolone 5 mg

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More Information
Drug Name and Strength Prednisolone 5 mg
Quantity 100 Tablets
Indication Treatment of dermatoses and as an aid in the treatment of arthritic and rheumatic joint disease in dogs and cats.
Contraindications Do not use in animals with renal insufficiency, diabetes mellitus or corneal ulceration. Do not use in pregnant animals.
Actions Prednisolone is a synthetic, biologically active corticosteroid of high glucocorticoid activity, with minimal mineralocorticoid action. Prednisolone nonspecifically inhibits the inflammatory process, suppressing local heat, pain, oedema and swelling. It also acts to suppress the local immune reaction, without inhibiting the general immune response at recommended oral dosage regimens. Prednisolone is useful for its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and immunosuppressive actions, with minimal risk of sodium retention, electrolyte imbalance or oedema with prolonged low dose therapy. Duration of action is 12 to 36 hours.Prednisolone is well absorbed from the stomach and is not affected by food intake. It is strongly and reversibly protein bound with the unbound portion active, crossing the blood brain-barrier and into the mammary glands. Prednisolone is metabolised in the liver and excreted via urine.
Precautions Prolonged glucocorticoid therapy may suppress adrenocortical activity. Gradual lowering of the dose and reduction of frequency of administration is recommended. Use with caution in animals receiving vaccines containing live organisms.First Aid If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 131 126.
Dosage and Administration 0.5 to 2.5 mg/kg bodyweight/day or 1 tablet/2 to 10 kg bodyweight/day. Reduce dose gradually, do not withdraw abruptly.Therapy with prednisolone is generally within one or more of three categories within the following parameters. Allergy or inflammation control. Prednisolone is the most common glucocorticoid for this use. An oral dose of 0.5 to 1.0 mg/kg per day for dogs and horses is recommended, titrated upwards to effect. Once symptom control is achieved, the dose can be titrated downwards and frequency adjusted to every other day for maintenance. In dogs, skin irritations are the most common anti-allergy use. In horses, uses may include inflammation control associated with chronic noninfectious respiratory conditions, postviral noninfectious airway inflammation on exercise, and grade 4 lymphoid hyperplasia syndrome in young horses. Physiological replacement therapy. For animals unable to synthesise cortisol, daily replacement is necessary for life. Ideally, this should mimic normal adrenal gland output under basal conditions with increased rates at times of stress, surgery, illness or accident. Usual starting doses are around 0.2 mg/kg once daily. While recent studies show no real benefit of morning versus afternoon dosing (particularly in cats), doses must be given at the same time every day. During moderately stressful periods, two to five times the maintenance dose is indicated, and up to five times the maintenance dose should be administered until the event is resolved or removed. Immunosuppressive therapy. Use the highest recommended dose until signs abate, then reduce the dose gradually to effect. For immunosuppression, 2.0 mg/kg per day in dogs and horses is suggested. Treatment may need to be continued for two to three months after remission of symptoms, but glucocorticoids alone will not significantly decrease beta-lymphocyte antibody production. Large and giant breed dogs. A total dose of no more than 50 mg/m2 (maximum dose of 30 to 40 mg twice per day) is suggested to decrease the incidence of adverse effects. Overweight cats. The dosage of prednisolone should likely be based on estimated lean bodyweight, as plasma prednisolone concentrations are approximately twofold higher in obese cats compared with cats of normal weight given the same dosage/kg.
Storage Store below 30°C (room temperature).
MSDS (external link) Pred-X Tablets 5mg MSDS
Label (external link) Pred-X Tablets 5mg Label
Manufacturer Apex Laboratories Pty Ltd
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