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Altrenogest 2.2 mg/mL

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More Information
Drug Name and Strength Altrenogest 2.2 mg/mL
Quantity 1L Bottle
Indication Regulation and control of mares breeding cycles. Induce ovulatory oestrus early in the breeding season in mares where some follicular activity exists; suppress oestrus either during prolonged oestrus or in normally cycling mares; control the ovarian cycle in breeding mares to allow the most efficient use of the stallion.Pregnancy maintenance. Maintenance of pregnancy in habitually aborting mares, or mares at risk of early embryonic death or abortion, when progesterone deficiency is thought to be the underlying cause.
Contraindications Not for use in stallions or geldings; contraindicated for use in mares with uterine infections.
Actions Altrenogest acts similarly to the natural hormone progesterone by suppressing the normal sexual cycle and preventing signs of heat and ovulation. Mares return to heat and release natural hormones again once treatment stops. Treatment with altrenogest makes it possible to finely regulate the breeding of mares.
Precautions Unused feed must be destroyed and not given to any other animal. Product must be added to the feed immediately prior to consumption and feed is not to be stored.
Dosage and Administration Administer 1 mL/50 kg bodyweight (altrenogest 0.044 mg/kg) daily.Regulation and control of mares breeding cycles. Induce ovulatory oestrus or induce cyclical ovarian activity in mares with some follicular activity early in the breeding season. Administer daily for 10 consecutive days. Suppress oestrus in normally cycling mares. Administer daily for 15 consecutive days. Suppress prolonged oestrus. Administer daily for 10 consecutive days. Control breeding cycle of mares to allow efficient use of stallion. Administer daily for 15 consecutive days.Pregnancy maintenance. For the maintenance of pregnancy in habitually aborting mares, or mares at risk of early embryonic death or abortion, administer daily from the second or third day after ovulation in the mated or inseminated mare, continuing daily until Day 120 of gestation. Note. Ultrasound scanning to confirm pregnancy is recommended on day 14 or 15 after ovulation. If the mare is not pregnant, cease ReadyServe administration and administer an injection of prostaglandin F2α to destroy any remnant luteal tissue, allowing the mare to return to oestrus and be remated.
Storage Store below 25°C (air conditioning). Protect from light. Replace lid tightly after use. Store container in an upright position at all times.
MSDS (external link) Readyserve 1l MSDS
Label (external link) Readyserve 1l Label
Manufacturer Ceva Animal Health Pty Limited
Refrigerated Product No
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