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Only Advantix is specially formulated to repel and kill deadly Australian Paralysis ticks. This easy-to-use spot-on is applied fortnightly. Its super ingredients kill fleas fast and only Advantix repels lethal ticks and irritating biting insects like mosquitoes and sandflies. Advantix is safe for use on puppies from 7 weeks of age. And because it’s water-resistant it keeps working even after swimming or shampooing. Not for use on cats.
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Advantix 4-10kg Medium Aqua 3's

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Designed specifically for dogs, Advantix harnesses a patented combination of two proven ingredients, Imidacloprid (from Advantage) and Permethrin, to protect your dog from ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and sandflies.

Advantix is the only spot-on product that not only kills ticks, but actually repels them. Repelled ticks drop off your dog before they have the chance to bite or attach.

Advantix repels and kills paralysis ticks
A single adult paralysis tick can paralyse and even kill your dog. Advantix repels and kills these deadly parasites.

Advantix repels and kills Brown Dog ticks and Bush ticks
Brown Dog tick can develop into an overwhelming problem in your dog’s surroundings – even in your house! Advantix repels and kills this parasite as well as Bush tick.

Advantix kills fleas and flea larvae – fast
Advantix stops fleas from feeding within 3-5 minutes of contact. Within 12 hours of application, 98-100% of the fleas on your dog will be dead. Best of all, fleas don’t have to bite your dog to be affected.

Advantix repels and kills mosquitoes and sandflies
Mosquitoes and sandflies are just as irritating to dogs as they are to people, especially around the ears and nose. Advantix will protect your dog from these painful insects. Advantix is easy to use – simply apply the pre-measured tube to the back of your dog’s neck (see directions for use for dogs over 25kg. From there, it spreads over your dog’s skin, protecting your dog from biting insects.

Advantix repels and kills stable (biting) flies
Advantix is the only dog treatment with repellency properties against stable (biting) flies that lasts for a month. It helps prevent irritation and skin lesions caused by these flies.

More Information
Refrigerated Product No
Parasites Controlled Fleas, Ticks, Flies
Dose Form Spot-On
Duration of Effect 2 weeks
Indication Control of ticks including the paralysis tick Ixodes holocylcus, brown dog tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus, and bush tick Haemaphysalis longicornis. Advantix both repels and kills ticks.Treatment and prevention of fleas Ctenocephalides sp. Reduces the incidence of flea allergy dermatitis. Larval flea stages are killed in the surroundings of Advantix treated pets.Control of lice Trichodectes canis and Linognathus setosus for up to six weeks.Repulsion and killing of mosquitoes (Anopheles, Culex and Aedes sp.) and sandflies (Phlebotomus and Culicoides sp.) in dogs. Repels stable (biting) flies (Stomoxys calcitrans) . One application lasts for a month, or two weeks for paralysis tick.
Contraindications Administration to cats.
Actions Imidacloprid is a chloronicotinyl nitroguanidine synthesised from the nitromethylene class of compounds. It binds to the insect's nicotinyl receptor sites on the postsynaptic neurones, disrupting normal nerve transmission. Imidacloprid kills adult fleas (Ctenocephalides sp.) rapidly, and larval flea stages in the pet's surroundings are killed following contact with the treated pet.Permethrin is a type I pyrethroid insecticide. Pyrethroids affect the voltage gated sodium channels in vertebrates and nonvertebrates. They are open channel blockers, affecting the channel by slowing both its activation and inactivation properties. The prolongation of the sodium channel leads to a stable hyperexcitation state.
Warnings Do not apply to cats or animals other than dogs. Do not permit cats to actively groom or have close physical contact with a recently treated dog until the product is dry. Due to their unique physiology and inability to metabolise certain compounds, the product must not be used on cats. If applied to a cat, or ingested by a cat, this product may have serious harmful effects.
Precautions Take care to ensure the product does not contact the eyes or mouth of recipient dogs. During tick season, daily searching for and removal of any ticks found is recommended. Advantix has no strong chemical smell. The liquid vehicle in Advantix may discolour certain surfaces and fabrics e.g. polished floorboards and leather. Exclude the animal from contact with such surfaces until the product dries on the animal's coat. On rare occasions reactions on dogs may include skin sensitivity resulting in symptoms such as scratching, agitation or lethargy. These signs are normally transient. If you are concerned please contact Bayer for further information.Will damage the eyes. Avoid contact with the eyes. If product in eyes, wash it out immediately with water. Wash hands after use.
Storage Store below 30°C (room temperature).
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